Sweetgrass Braid - Neko-Chan Incense

Sweetgrass Braid

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Sweetgrass Braid - 24 inches or longer. From Manitoba.

Smudging has been practiced around the world for thousands of years for purification and dispersing negative energy. The smoke from burning sweetgrass, sage and/or other herbs, loose or in bundles, can be used to purify people, places, and objects, of negative energy. For smudging with a sweetgrass braid, the tip of the braid is lit, then extinguished so that it produces smoke. A candle (some of us use lighters) can be used, as it can take some time to light so it will continue to smolder, producing purifying smoke, after it is extinguished. This smoke can then be wafted over and around the intended focus of cleansing/purification - those in your circle, your drum and other ritual items, and the space itself. For the transporting aroma of the primal outdoors, place-unlit!-across windshield near defrost vents in your car or truck.