Medicine Buddha - 6 inches - Neko-Chan Incense

Medicine Buddha - 6 inches

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Medicine Buddha, brass - 6 inches high.

Made in northern India by hand, from recycled brass, individually cast using mud or lost was method. Each piece is then filed, brushed and sanded, and details are added by a carver. The Medicine Buddha holds in his right hand the great medicine. The hand is outstretched in the gesture of giving. His left hand holds the bowl of long life nectar. Medicine Buddha practice awakens the healing wisdom within.

Astrologically, the day of the Medicine Buddha is the eighth day of the lunar month. At that time, his power and that of all the healing deities is said to be especially strong. This is when rituals for healing and for making medicines are performed. Anyone who wishes healing or knows of those who do can practice this meditation on the Medicine Buddha. First, find a quiet and comfortable space. Then, while breathing deeply for a few moments, relax and empty your mind. In that void, picture the Medicine Buddha, radiant and translucent blue, holding the myrobalan plant in the fingers of his right hand, which is extended on his knee in the gesture of giving. His left hand rests in his lap and holds a begging bowl filled with healing nectar. He is dressed in the three monastic robes and sits in the full lotus posture on a thousand-petaled lotus, which itself sits on a jeweled throne. See the space around you as a beautiful landscape holding objects of offering, everything that is beautiful and pleasing to you. Mentally give all of the most precious offerings to the Medicine Buddha. Invite Him to bestow his blessings and to sit on your head. Pray that he bestow his healing power upon you. Then see it radiate out to those others you know who need healing, and see it flow out to the entire Earth. From the heart center of the Medicine Buddha, see rays of light as bright as one hundred rising suns radiate into yourself and others, dispelling disease and suffering. Bask in the light. Afterward, visualize yourself and all beings dissolving into a state of emptiness. Try to remain in that space free from thought, mingling with the state of the Medicine Buddha's mind. The most important aspect of this meditation, the essence of the healing practice, is to have strong selfless compassion for others, and to have fervent trust and confidence.