Teaching Buddha - Bronze - Neko-Chan Incense

Teaching Buddha - Bronze

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Teaching Buddha - 10.75 inches in height.
Cast in Bronze, from Thailand. Indian style Buddha.
The hands are in Vitarka mudra;
i.e, circle formed by thumb and index finger, which
is the sign of the intellectual argument, or teaching.
Shakyamuni (lit. "Sage of the Shakyas") is sometimes
called "Lion of The Shakya Clan."
The historical Buddha, Siddhartha
Gautama lived
approximately 2500 years ago, about 200 years before
the Maurya king Asoka, whose reign is recorded as
273-232 before common era ('BCE').
Shakyamuni promised:
"Whosoever visualizes me with a combination
of concentration and devotion, in front of them
I will be, even if they cannot see me;
and I will never forsake them."