Developing Balanced Sensitivity - Neko-Chan Incense

Developing Balanced Sensitivity

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by Alexander Berzin. Berzin introduces a series of techniques for overcoming insensitivity and hypersensitivity. Based on traditional Buddhist sources, they are presented in non-traditional forms suitable for workshops and private practice. The exercises deal with everyday difficult situations and show how to access our mind's natural talents, dispell nervousness, insecurity, and low self-esteem, make decisions, deconstruct deceptive appearances, and recognize the clear light nature of the mind. "Alex has given us a precise, thoughtful, and sophisticated book on the central question of human sensitivity. As one of Buddhism's most knowledgeable western teachers, he creatively combines analytical Buddhist psychology, trainings of the mind, intuitive heart practices and dozens of practical techniques to nurture a life of sensitivity."--Jack Kornfield "Berzin has pulled off the tricky feat of bringing an erudite discussion of Buddhist psychology to the here and now without falling into either psycho-babble or translationese....intellectually lucid and eminently practical."--John Pettit, Tricycle: The Buddhist Review