Riding Windhorses - Neko-Chan Incense

Riding Windhorses

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A Journey into the Heart of Mongolian Shamanism. Author Sarangerel (which means Moonlight in Buryat) was trained in the traditional Mongolian and Buryat shamanic traditions by native teachers who are free to practice again following the collapse of the Soviet Union. She is the foreign outreach representative of the Golomt Center for Shamanist Studies and the Mongolian Shamans' Association. In traditional Mongolian-Buryat culture, shamans plan an important role maintaining the tegsh, the "balance" of the community. They counsel a path of moderation in one's actions and reverence for the natural world, which they view as mother to humanity. Mongolians believe that if natural resources are taken without thanking the spirits for what they have given, those resources will not be replaced. Unlike many other cultures whose shamanic traditions were undermined by modern civilization, shamans in the remote areas of southern Siberia and Mongolia are still the guardians of the environment, the community, and the natural order.